TGA Revamped! Five New Features of TGA’s New Website, and What They Mean To You

Feb 20, 2022 | Royalty Club, Team TGA

The Grading Authority is continuing to change the game.

What you’re looking at right now is the new and improved TGA experience. From a transparent and easy-to-use submission process to up-to-the-minute updates on your cards, we hope to take the intimidation out of card grading.

Here are some things new and returning members of our community can expect with these sweeping website updates.

Account Privileges

It literally pays to have an account with TGA. By creating a free account on our website, you automatically become eligible to receive rewards and redeem updates that save you money and yield sweet privileges while submitting your cards for grading.

Essentially, becoming a member of Team TGA comes with free benefits. For more information on everything you can expect from these rewards, check out our separate post on gamification (more info on that coming soon). Join our community today!

Real-time Tracking Updates

Another benefit of owning a TGA account will be real-time tracking updates on your orders. From the second your submission is received to the moment it’s packed securely and sent back to you, you can feel comfortable watching your cards go through each step of the process.

Instead of simply being told your card is in the “grading” process, we’ll now take you along for the ride through each step of what it takes to properly grade your card — research, labeling, slabbing, etc.

The aim here is to provide you with an unprecedented level of comfort. We understand your cards hold incalculable emotional value in addition to potentially significant monetary value. You can feel better knowing where your cards are at with TGA.

Population Report

Longtime members of Team TGA have been clamoring for the return of our population report, and it’s back!

Search through our extensive database of TGA slabbed cards to your heart’s content. What was the first Charizard ever graded by TGA? What about the first Immaculate 10? Sort and search using a number of different filters to find an answer to any curiosity!

Streamlined Submission Form and Flexible Payments

Submitting your cards to be graded has never been easier. We know the idea of sending off your precious collectibles can be intimidating, but our goal is to make the process as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Our form lets you choose your TCG or card genre, set category and specific card title right from our dropdown menus. From there, take advantage of our industry-leading customization options to personalize your cards. You can upgrade to a holographic label and even add a peel-to-reveal sticker to enhance your experience. You can also choose your service level right from the submission form.

Once you’ve added your submitted cards to the cart, take a look at our website’s new “Shop” feature to throw in some mystery packs, slab stands and select TGA merchandise.

In addition to the new submission form, TGA has introduced a new way to pay, called Afterpay. You can now break up your total submission with interest free payments. Take advantage of the savings now while having a flexible payment option. It can’t get any easier to submit with TGA!

We are collectors here at TGA, so we know how frustrating and confusing this process can be. That’s why we’re fixing it. We hope new and returning members of our community will see our improved submission process as fun and accessible for everyone.

Let’s grade!

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