TGA Holo Labels. What Are They?

Mar 3, 2022 | Pokémon

Should you upgrade your TGA slab to a holo label or stick with the standard finish?

First off, what is a holo label? These are special labels printed on a holographic material to give your slab extra pizazz. When viewed in light, these labels will show similar properties to the shine of a holographic card that may be inside!

Holo labels take the presentation of your slab to an entirely new level. But should you upgrade?
The answer depends on your submission. The aesthetic value of the slab can skyrocket when a holo label is paired with certain types of cards, but there are other label finishes that could better suit your card.

Let’s use Pokémon as an example. Most full-art cards look incredible with a holo label because the label acts as a continuation of the holographic effect given off by the entirety of the card. Even cards with holographic foil only in the middle of the card — or reverse-holo cards where the card’s artwork is the only part not holographic — pair nicely with a holo label.

Vintage and non-holographic cards, however, may be better suited to our standard, classic label finish. Holo labels can be eye-catching and in some cases may draw one’s focus from the card itself. Our motto at TGA is “for collectors, by collectors.” This is why we put so much thought and effort into the presentation of our product. We want our slabs and labels to enhance the presentation of your card however you see fit.

Holo labels are just as customizable as the standard finish. You can still customize the color and artwork overlay (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Dragonball, Star Wars, Magic, etc.) based on your submission.

These upgraded labels cost just $5 per card. Create a TGA account today and consider joining our Royalty Club for exclusive perks and rewards, some of which include complimentary holo label upgrades!

Most of the time, upgrading to a holo label will take the presentation of your card into another stratosphere. But if you’re submitting a vintage and/or non-holographic card, it might be worth taking a moment to ask yourself which label finish best enhances the presentation of your card.

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