TGA Announces TGA Coin. The Industry’s First Company To Offer Crypto. What is it?

Apr 12, 2022 | TGA Coin

Thanks for your interest in our $TGA pre-launch! We’re very excited to be the first in our industry to offer a coin and NFT. Now the big question…

What is $TGA Coin?

$TGA is a social cryptocurrency that directly supports The Grading Authority community! We have partnered with Rally which is a gasless platform – doesn’t hurt the environment.

We are a card collectibles grading company with a focus on building a community and educating collectors. Our team consists of 15 knowledgeable and passionate collectors with varying levels of experience. We’ve grown from grading 200 cards/week in June, to grading over 1,000 cards/week presently. $TGA is an opportunity for the community to join us in this journey and shared passion.

• Weekly Payouts for Holding:

-> Rally Rewards, split between your % of total Circulating Supply, which can go UP or DOWN.

• Exchange $TGA Coin for: Grading Services with NFTS + VIP Membership + Box Breaks + Cash + Merch + Gift-cards + Discounts + Events More!

Top $TGA Coin Holders MONTHLY will gain access to:

  • Merchandise (TGA Coin Exclusive Merchandise)
  • NFTs of graded cards
  • Access to Exclusive Livestreams and Podcasts
  • VIP Membership Club
  • Livestream unboxings and giveaways
  • Educational Video Series on Trends and Upticks in the Industry (This Week in Cards)

If you are a new user to Rally and would like to receive 70 free Rally Coins to buy TGA – please sign up here: When received, these coins can be converted into TGA coin!

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