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Q: What inspired you to start collecting cards?

A: Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed collecting stuff. I used to run around the house and gather up things I liked and then my parents would have to put them all back where they came from. Once I started opening up Pokemon cards I was hooked. I loved Pokemon and the cards almost made Pokemon feel more real to me. I still collect today, mostly Pokemon and Digimon. I have a greater appreciation for the artwork on the cards nowadays as well.

Q: What are your earliest memories opening packs?

A: My earliest memories opening packs would be Base Set Pokemon cards my parents would buy from a small comic book shop nearby my mom’s place of work. They’re still going today and I still buy most of my cards from them!

Q: What are your favorite TGA slabs so far?

A: My favourite TGA slabs that I currently own are hands down my Japanese Pokemon slabs. I have the Mega Charizard Y Poncho Pikachu Promo, as well as multiple Japanese Evolutions Holo Rares!

Q: What is one thing you would tell someone considering TGA to grade their cards?

A: I would tell them that they will be incredibly satisfied with the end product. The slabs are top quality and being able to choose your own label really sets TGA apart from other companies. I would also let them know that they can seal away any of their cards by authenticating them if they are just looking for a nice way to display them without having them graded.


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