Grading Made Easy

Our goal at TGA is to make sure the submission process is fun and easy.
Here are the steps to ensure you submit your cards correctly.

Create a TGA Account

1. Create Your TGA Account

Click the “Login” tab to bring up the Login window. From there, click the “Create Account” link in the bottom left corner. Fill out your information and follow instructions to register.

Submit your cards - it's easy!

2. Submit Your Cards

Once you have created your
account, click the “Submit your
Cards” tab. You will be
prompted to select a service
level. Select this and enter the
quantity of cards you would like
to submit.

Go to the checkout page

3. Checkout

Once you have filled in your
cards information click “Proceed
to checkout”. Enter the total
declared value of your
submission in the insurance field.
This will be what you will receive
should something happen to
your cards.

Enter Billing and Shipping Info

4. Billing & Shipping

Enter billing and shipping
information as prompted and
click “Place Order” when
complete. Please verify that all
information is correct. Safely
package your cards (detailed
video below).

5. Submission Form

After checkout, download the
submission form and invoice.
Print and fill out the submission
form and ship with your

Grading Scale

The Grading Authority uses an easy-to-understand  1 – 10 grading scale, with descending increments of one-half point (for example 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, etc.).

TGA graded cards are identifiable at a glance thanks to our premium colored labels. A black on the front of the slab signifies all graded cards 1-10. A separate, unique label is reserved for our “Immaculate” 10.

Our TCG labels are identifiable with a distinctive colored TCG specific label with our trademarked TGA logo.

Below is a list of the TGA grading scale. This TGA grading criterion serves as an outline of our grading process. There may be other factors that come into play when determining the final grade of a card as outlined in the .5 note at the end of the scale.

Immaculate  –  10

A nearly perfect card. A clean surface free of scratches, dimples, stains, and print lines. 50/50 centering, clean edges, and sharp corners.

Pristine  –  10

Image must be centered on the card within a 55/45 tolerance or better. The surface is free of scratches, dimples, stains, and print lines. Clean edges and sharp corners round out this grade.

Mint  –  9

A TGA Mint has 60/40 or better centering, a clean and sharp focus, four sharp corners, and clean edges. Minor flaws may exist including, but not limited to: slight wear to corners visible using magnification, subtle chipping or whiting of edges, minor surface blemishes hardly visible to the naked eye.

Near Mint/Mint  –  8

An 8 grade has 65/35 or better centering, corners may show slight wear, clean edges that may have a small amount of chipping, and a surface that may have slight flaws under magnification.

Near Mint  –  7

A Near Mint grade has 70/30 or better centering, minor wear on the corners, minor scratches, print lines, or spots. The Edges should be mostly clean but may exhibit some chipping and/or notching.

Excellent/Near Mint  –  6

An EX/NM card has 75/25 or better centering. Surface has noticeable blemishes but no heavy scratches or gouges. Corners may exhibit slight fuzzing, but free of fraying. Edges may show moderate chipping, roughness, and potentially some minor notching.

Excellent  –  5

Centering is 80/20 or better, corners may have minor rounding or fuzziness, edges may exhibit signs of chipping, notching and/or other imperfections. Printing defects and wear/loss of gloss along with some scratches may be present.

Very Good/Excellent  –  4

Centering is 85/15 or better, corners may be rounded, edges may show signs of chipping, notching, or light scuffing. Surface may have light creasing or scuffing.

Very Good  –  3

Centering is 90/10 or better, corners display rounding or fuzz, but not extreme. Edges may show chipping/whiting and/or noticeable wear. Surface will show wear which may include scratches, scuffing, stains, or discoloration due to age.

Good  –  2

Centering is 90/10 or better, rounding and/or fraying of the corners is prevalent. Edges may exhibit pronounced chipping, whiting, or notching. The surface may have substantial wear, staining, printing defects, or bending/creasing

Fair  –  1

This card lacks all grading characteristics. Noticeable wear, discoloration, creasing, staining, etc. may all be present. We confirm card to be authentic.

* .5 will be deducted from each grade that meets 90%  of this standard grade. EX: A card shows 90% of the qualities of a 10 it will be graded a 9.5.