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Q: What inspired you to start collecting cards?

A: I was seven years old when Pokemon cards first made their appearance in America. I remember seeing them on commercials during Saturday morning cartoons in the late 90’s and knew that I just had to have them. I wasn’t able to get many cards as a kid (my mom thought that they were a waste of money) but I was grateful for the ones that I had. Now that I’m older, I really appreciate the artwork, design, and the nostalgia that comes with the PTCG.


Q: What are your earliest memories of opening packs?

A: The first time I remember opening packs was when I was in third grade. I will never forget going into a little mom-and-pop card shop that a friend told me about. I was able to grab a pack of Base Set Pokemon cards and I remember taking them to school to show off on the playground.


Q: What are your favorite TGA Slabs so far?

A: I love all of the TGA slabs that I have, but there is one that really sticks out – My shiny Charizard V (pristine 10) from Champion’s Path with the holographic red label. (It’s actually used in a lot of TGA’s marketing!)


Q: What is one thing you would tell someone considering TGA to grade their cards?

A: DO IT! Aesthetically speaking, there are no other slabs that even come close to TGA’s. I cannot stress enough how good these labels/slabs look, and I have no doubt that they will just keep getting better and better and gain even more attention.



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