May 10, 2022 | Partners, Team TGA


Q: What inspired you to start collecting cards?

My grandmother and I used to collect and binder cards when I was a kid–Pokemon and YuGiOh mostly. Following the resurgence of trading card popularity, I’ve rekindled the love she helped instill in me from my childhood.

Q: What are your earliest memories of opening packs?

Back when my grandmother and I were collecting YuGiOh cards, we heard that the Magic Ruler set was being discontinued (we didn’t know why at the time). We opened as many Magic Ruler packs as we could to find the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon to complete the set. Once we completed the set, we found the set was being renamed to Spell Ruler.

Q: What are your favorite TGA slabs so far?

My personal favorites are my 9.5 graded MetalGreymon Secret Rare from the 2021 Digimon TCG and my 8 graded Base Set Charizard from my original childhood binder.


Q: What is one thing you would tell someone considering TGA to grade their cards?

The TGA product is top of the line. The customer service as well as their turnaround times all add to the experience. They really go the extra mile in handling and make it fun to collect and grade!



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